Cuadernos - La Cobaya Cobi Traveler


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Our favorite new friend's name is Cobi, Cobi la Cobaya. This lovely Guinea Pig is the superhero created by @yosoyalbertbelmonte and @ferfriky and the superstar of this first set of notebooks edited by B2BC.

The set includes 2 blanks inside (Cobi the Party Animal and Cobi the Traveler), one with dots (Cobi the Phographer) and one with lines (Cobi in the Wild Wild West). It's a Notebook made in Madrid. It's a Notebook made for all those Sketches, Scribbles and Poems.

Inside: 64 pages, 90 gr. stapled.
Covers: full color 350gr.

Product: Notebook
Available at selected retailers

Age: 3 to 103


Item Dimensions: A5
Material: Paper
Origin: Made in Europe

Delivery: June 2018

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